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농업생명과학대학 소개 이미지
농업생명과학대학 소개 이미지

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, which opened in 1947 as the 'Kangwon Provincial Chuncheon Agricultural College', is the founding university of 'Kangwon National University'. Based on the real-life-oriented GloCALS ideology of education for fostering creative and cooperative talented people, we are conducting various education and research activities with the aim to nurture GloCALS talents who demonstrate creativity, actively communicate, and have practical skills and challenges. In 1996, with the expansion and reorganization from agricultural field to the life sciences, the name of the college was changed from 'agricultural college' to 'College of Agricultural Life Sciences', and now it is composed of five Colleges (10 majors) and one Department. In addition to the three education facilities on campus, experiments and practices are conducted for the field education for students in the 150,000m2 subsidiary farm. About 60 professors are engaged in the best research activities at Kangwon National University with annual research funds of around 10 billion won from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, the Korea Research Foundation, and corporations. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences was selected as the best college in 2013 and the best university in research in 2015 and 2016.