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Greeting From Dean

The Global CALS "The Strong College of
Agriculture and Life Science"

농업생명과학대학장 이미지

I sincerely welcome you to College of Agriculture and Life Sciences of Kangwon National University.

Established in 1947 as Chuncheon College of Agriculture, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faithfully carries out its role both as the matrix of National Kangwon National University and as the prime agent, furthermore, the College holds the highest position in the evaluation of the research field within the University. Most of the students are receiving scholarship benefits and have a high employment rate every year as the College has been selected for various projects supported by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and the Korea Research Foundation.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has played a key role in solving the food problem of our country at the center of the green revolution, and the food problem is an important industry that must be addressed at the national security level. Our College strives to specialize in growth and sustainable academic areas according to the paradigm shift of the new agricultural life industry, establish a future-oriented education/research/industry-university cooperation system, and characterize the future core growth agricultural life industry sectors. Thomas Frey, Google's top futurist in the UN Future Report 2050, says the agricultural industry will be the best job in the world. Investment king Jim Rogers says agriculture an undervalued but positive change industry. You can be a major player in the agricultural life industry, and you can also be a great researcher and leader in teaching the knowledge and skills of the agricultural life industry.

As a hub national university, our College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is well equipped with education and research infrastructure such as excellent faculty, research facilities and equipment, attached farms, agricultural life sciences research lab, eco-friendly agricultural research center, insect sample room, etc. In addition, various major areas such as Agricultural Resources Science, Biosystem Engineering, Bioresource and Environment, Eco Environmental Science, Applied Plant Science, Applied Biology, Food Biotechnology, Horticulture Science, Regional Infrastructure Engineering, Agriculture and Life industry, and Controlled Agriculture are prepared for you.

I hope that the students who enter our university will have valuable fruits of their dreams, visions, youth and passion and become the hero of the hopeful future.