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Department of Regional Infrastructure Engineering

Department of Regional Infrastructure Engineering

Regional infrastructure engineering is an applied engineering that applies cutting-edge civil engineering construction and environmental science technology for regional development and environmental conservation, and the college was established in 1954. The students will systematically acquire civil engineering and environmental engineering including structural engineering, materials engineering, concrete engineering, road system engineering, reinforced concrete engineering, construction management, economics, irrigation and drainage engineering, rural environmental engineering, rural planning, environmental land utilization, hydraulics, hydrology, GIS (geographic information system), civil engineering, soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering, and so on. After graduation students can go into jobs of national enterprises such as civil engineering public officials, construction companies at various levels, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Korea Expressway Corporation, Korea Railroad Corporation, Korea Rural Community Corporations, etc., or go to domestic and overseas graduate schools according to their own efforts and capabilities to grow into experts in advanced construction and environmental conservation technology in the 21st century.