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Divison of Horticulture and Agricultural Resources Economics

Divison Horticulture and Agricultural Resources Economics

The College aims to foster professional agricultural personnel and leaders who combine theory and practical skills by providing diverse curriculums ranging from high-tech, eco-friendly agriculture, industrialization of agricultural products, distribution and export sectors in line with rapidly changing agricultural policies and demands from farming sites.

Horticulture Science major

The Horticulture Science major is conducting research on the characteristics and physiology of various horticulture crops in vegetable, fruit and flower fields, research on cultivation management technology to produce high quality horticulture crops, and research on the cultivation of automated facilities, and is striving to develop superior new breeds by adding genetic engineering techniques to existing selection or hybridization methods in the fields of horticulture breeding and molecular genetics. There is also a field of facility horticulture, which develops facilities for producing horticultural crops intensively and efficiently, and studies techniques for controlling the environment within the facility, as well as products management areas related to storage, processing, and distribution technologies to further enhance the value added after production. Through these efforts, it plays a role of strengthening the horticulture education which is important for the development of the agricultural industry and environmental preservation.

Agricultural Resources and Economics major

As the major that deals with all the economic and management, and social studies that take place in the front lines of agriculture, rural areas and agricultural industry economy, it plays a key role in the exploration of the value of agriculture. Its particular research fields are agricultural business management, distribution economy, food economy, community and regional development, resources and environment economy, and it aims to foster the nation's leading experts in agro-food distribution economy. Based on the academic theory, we have developed our understanding of agriculture and enhanced our global capabilities by providing exchange student programs that can apply domestic economic theory to agricultural sites around the world.