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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Introduction to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Education Objectives/Features

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences aims for training top-level human resources to conduct research, develop and apply the core professional skills necessary to develop the food industry, a strategic basic element in the survival of the people and the development of the country, into a high-tech industry.

Majors and Areas

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers various major areas such as Applied Plant Science, Bioresource and Environment, Regional Infrastructure Engineering, Applied Biology, Horticulture Science, Biosystem Engineering, Agricultural Resource Sciences, Agricultural Resources Economics, Food Biotechnology, Eco Environmental Science, and Future Agriculture convergence, which are the programs related to “Dream biotechnology, an environment that provides a source of human life and health, the development of the food production industry, which is the basic strategic element of people’s survival and the national development, securing the diversity of microorganisms and biological resources, the infrastructure and industrial engineering for biological production, and promoting the quality of human life through the use of genetic and plant resources.”

Career and Prospects after Graduation

The graduates may work as public servants in agriculture related national institutions such as the Rural Development Administration, National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, Agricultural Technology Center, Institute of Health and Environment, and National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service, or work at the major related research institutes and industries, fertilizer and pesticide companies, construction companies, design and supervision companies, major agricultural machinery companies, financial institutions, public companies, distributors, and various life sciences institutes. In addition, the graduate can enter graduate school or pursue the path of studying abroad.