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Divison of Environmental Convergence

Divison of Environmental Convergence

In order to foster the real-life-oriented creative and practical human resources, the Bio resources environment department of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and Environment department of the College of Natural Sciences have carried out structural reform through convergence and characterization of the two majors, and reorganize them into Bio Resource Environment Science major and Eco Environment Science major (Department of Environment) of the Divison of Environment Convergence, and their educational vision for characterization aims to foster 'creative and practical' talents to drive the bio environment and life resource industries.

Bioresources and Environmental Studies major

Bioresources and Environmental Studies major is conducting education and research on the knowledge and skills in environmental science and life sciences for the preservation of human life and health, environment, and the utilization of biological resources. The detailed majors include the fields of soil environmental studies and plant nutrition, environmental chemistry, biocontrol chemistry, environmental biochemistry and soil microbiology, natural materials to explore and develop high value-added active substances, bioenergy production research, and environmental purification and climate change. Thus, it can be said that it is a complex academic area in which basic and applied studies are integrated.

Eco-Environmental Science major

Eco-environmental science major of the Divison of Environmental Convergence is the first environmental department in Korea, which was established in 1980 (‘Department of Environment’ was established in 1980). Environmental science is a study that explores and practices ways to maintain the interrelationship between human and earth resources healthy. With recent changes in the paradigm of green growth, such as low-carbon green growth, environmental consulting, weather industry, and environmental restoration, the environment and industry are not heterogeneous but rather in a relationship that has complemented each other and developed together. Eco-environmental science major of the Divison of Environmental Convergence studies and educates environmental problems in a natural scientific approach in response to such social demands.